Knowing about Cricket Batsman Ranking

Cricketers come and go, but some leave a mark in the history of the sport for their extraordinary performance or for creating unforgettable moments. The legends are remembered for their undeniable contributions to the sport. They give fans countless moments of joy and take the game to a whole new level. 

Impact of Cricket Heroes

It is because of the cricket heroes that a new generation is inspired to follow their path and secure victories for their team. Fans watch their heroes on screen, try to emulate their style and follow their footsteps. They inspire new talent, igniting passion for the game thus ensuring the continuance of cricket legacy.

Cricket Batsman Ranking System

There have been many cricket champions over the years who have won countless hearts with their impressive performances. It is difficult to rank the legends, however, The International Cricket Council (ICC) has a player ranking system in place to accurately gauge performance of a player in ODI, T20 or a Test match. 

How Cricket Batsman Ranking is Evaluated

  • Players are evaluated on a scale of 0 to 1000 according to their performance.
  • After every match the performance is evaluated.
  • If a player’s performance is better as compared to the previous match, his ranting improves and vice versa.
  • All ratings are computerized.

Points Considered to Evaluate a Batsman

  • Runs made by the batsman in every match affect a batsman’s rating. The higher the runs, the better the ratings.
  • The caliber of the bowler you are playing against will also be taken into account while assessing your rating. If the bowler’s ratings are good then more value is given to your performance as a batsman.
  • Level of runs are also considered, this means that a batsman scoring high in a low scoring match is given more value as compared to a batsman scoring high in a high scoring match.
  • If a match finishes without the batsman getting out then he gets more points.
  • The end result of the match also adds or subtracts value points in the batsman ratings. 

All these above mentioned factors will help budding cricketers to understand the cricket batsman rating system. Having a better understanding will give them an idea how to improve their ranking once they get into a team. 

Cricket is Not all about Rankings and Ratings

There is more to cricket than being given points and evaluating performances. Legends do not care about ratings or rankings. If you play well, they will come automatically. For passionate players, cricket is all about enjoying their game and being at the top of it. This passion helps them create moments of joy that fans cherish forever. It can be the moment of hitting a big six when your team needs it or the precious single that steers your team to victory.

The feeling of accomplishment and exhilaration that comes with it is unmatched. The entire experience is one that you will always prefer over rankings. These moments live forever, while ratings keep changing. For aspiring cricketers, it is advised to focus on performance alone and that comes with training and of course training with the right bat.

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