Combat Sports

Fight Fire with Fire

Exciting, nerve-wracking and tense - that is what combat sports is all about. But it is also about resilience, faith and a never give-up attitude. It is a one-on-one fighting sport in which you get in the ring or the competition to fight your opponent physically to win or lose. Combat sports are not easy. They require physical and mental strength because of the challenges they present. 

The training requires a lot of time, patience and hard work. You need to push yourself all the time and face uncomfortable situations. When you come out of your comfort zone that is when you learn about your potential and conquer fear. During the training not only will you work on being physically strong, but you will also focus on discovering your inner strength. A person needs to have a focused-approach and cannot let his/her emotions take charge of the situation. Some people think it is a great way for stress relief and gives your anger a safe outlet, while others like the sport because it builds character and confidence. Another plus point is that it teaches you self-defense. 

Combat sports include boxing, taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts, Judo and more. Let's have a brief look at the three popular combat sports.


Boxing is a combat sport that the civilization of ancient Greece developed. It is a game where two competitors get in the ring and throw punches at the opponent to win. Attacking or defensive strategy is used to score points or defend yourself from the punches. In old times, you had to knock down the opponent but then came the score point system that continues throughout the rounds. The rounds can be from 3 to 6 bouts of action. As the game has evolved, new rules have been made to make it a safer sport for the contestants. Boxers are not allowed to hit on the neck, below the belt or at the back of the opponent’s head. They have to wear the required gear that includes padded gloves and headgear. Obviously the gear should be of good quality to maximize protection and give support. 


There is a reason why the sport is termed as Mixed Martial Arts. It is so because the full-contact combat sport is a mix of boxing techniques, judo, wrestling, karate and other fighting techniques and skills that are used in the competition.  A player can use joint-locks, punches, kicks, throws and other tactics. Like other combat sports now MMA has more rules and some banned techniques that were considered unsafe. Still it is a tough sport that requires physical strength, mental strength and endurance. 


Judo is a game that requires training of the body and the mind. The sports origin comes from Japan. The combat sport has elements of mental discipline and involves techniques like throwing, grappling, body-striking, blocks and others. In the game, points are given for throwing the opponent as well as for holds and submissions. The aim is to knockdown the opponent or hold him/her down for a specific period of time. The sport is played wearing a traditional white judo suit with a belt. The color of the belt represents the rank or level of your progression in judo.