About us

With over a decade of experience, UniSwift has built a reputation for excellence in the sports goods industry. Our successful ventures in Pakistan, UAE, and USA have enabled us to set up a wide distribution network and extensive manufacturing setups across these regions. As a multi-sports store, we are committed to providing premium sports equipment and apparel. Guided by a global vision, UniSwift is dedicated to supporting athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world.
Making Today Count
We believe in taking action today to make the future brighter. UNISWIFT was established in 2009 with the purpose of supplying specialized sports products to kids and emerging athletes. We empower aspiring athletes to reach their full potential and become professionals. Our extensive experience and the knowledge of machinery, materials, and manufacturing has enabled us to supply premium sports goods at economical prices.
Eco-Friendly Sports Gear
The choices we make have a direct impact on the future of our planet and we all share the responsibility of protecting this beautiful earth. This is why, we at UNISWIFT are always looking for more efficient ways to design sports products. We achieve this purpose by using non-toxic, finest quality materials for manufacturing goods. These better practices ensure that our products are long lasting and no toxins are released into the environment. By reducing the waste and our company’s carbon footprint, we play our part in protecting the future of sports.
On the Path to Excellence
Rooted in the wisdom of BinIkram Industries, we started our journey of making UNISWIFT a world-class sports trading company. In 2009, UNISWIFT introduced customized sports goods. Since 2016, we have been supplying premium sports products to prominent retail stores in Pakistan including Imtiaz, Chase Up, Chase Value, Panda Mart, and many more. In 2018, we started our venture in UAE and partnered with 400+ stores. We have now established ourselves in the USA and aim to carry forward this venture globally.
UniSwift's extensive network of resellers and distributors, along with key partnerships with renowned brands like Green Hill Sports and Zero & Beyond, positions us as a trusted leader in the sporting goods industry.
Our Achievements
We take great pride in our contributions to the sports industry. Our company supplied the machinery and technology for the football Brazuca 2014 and Telstar 18 for FIFA World Cup. We have also contributed in the production of soccer balls used in Olympics, Euro Cup, and many other international leagues. UniSwift has built strategic partnerships with leading sports brands and organizations, and developed innovative solutions for sports businesses, driving growth and success.
Our Vision
Innovation, Aspiration, Collaboration.
UniSwift is established on the solid principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and producing tailored sports goods. By using eco-friendly materials, we intend to build sports-loving communities without negatively impacting the environment.
Our vision is to create pathways for aspiring athletes, transforming their dreams into reality. We empower their journey by supplying the equipment they need to train and excel, ensuring that every step they take brings them closer to their goals. UniSwift is committed to be the driving force behind the success of developing athletes and serve as trusted partners and distributors for the sports brands, ensuring sustainable growth and success, now and in the future.