The Thrill of Victory: Celebrating Boxing Champions

Boxing is an old sport still loved and played all over the world. It is not everyone’s cup of tea though. Boxing uses tactical thinking, utilizes footwork and head movements and also requires mental alertness. An athlete must be physically fit and should have enough endurance to face all the challenges of the game. Mental toughness is also required to handle the pressure. This sport also teaches you discipline, control and coping strategies that can help you in actual life situations. With discipline, you can get the vital edge over your competitor to control your mind and play with concentration. Boxing is also a great stress reliever. Very often a punching bag is given to athletes or people in stress where they can vent their anger and practice.

Boxing is Tough

Boxing has many benefits, but it is also considered a dangerous sport because it can have long-term consequences and serious injuries as a result of head trauma. However with time, more rules have been made to make it safer for the players. Though boxing is still rated among one of the most dangerous sports, modern boxing is a lot safer than it used to be. New rules have been introduced to make sure the competitors suffer less injuries. Medical supervision has also become part of the boxing competitions. 

New Rules, Better Game

Along with new rules, better protective gear for boxing has also been introduced for those who wish to take up the sport or are seasoned professionals. The first padded gloves were used in 1743 and with time these have improved. Today while designing the gloves not only the functional aspect is taken into account, but also the look and design of the gloves. They come in different styles and with varied features. When manufacturing the boxing gloves, the weight, design elements, materials used and padding is considered carefully to offer boxers a good experience and also ensure their safety. 

Invest in Quality Gear

Whichever stage of boxing you are at, whether you are an amateur or a seasoned player, it is best to invest in top quality gear to stay injury-free and enjoy the experience.


For the beginners, the gloves should be soft and the headgear thicker. Any glove you buy whether it is for training or for a competition, it is essential to get one that protects your hands, wrists and your fingertips from tough blows. Some offer better grip, while others may give better knuckle protection. Gloves come in different weights and which one you need  depends on your sport requirements. There are gloves available in weights ranging from 10 to 14oz. These are considered lighter and allow you to throw punches with speed. 16 to 18 oz gloves are best for sparring. 

Head Gear

There are different options available for head gear or head shields available from the traditional full face coverage to open ones. You can find head gear that can protect your ear drums from harsh blows. Make sure to get head gears that are also breathable and can provide you relief from sweats and heat. These are available in different sizes from small to extra large ones. 

Groin Guard

Groin guards have been added as must-haves for boxing competitions as they provide safety as well as comfort. They will keep you protected from low blows or accidental hits. When buying these, get the ones that provide flexible movement.