Uniswift MMA Collection: Elevate Your Combat Game

MMA - The Challenging Sport

MMA is an exciting combat sport that involves wrestling, punching, kicking, striking and using a  mix of holds and throws to strike down your opponent and win the competition. MMA is not for the light-hearted, It requires physical strength, stamina, grit and determination to enjoy this sport. The winner is the one who doesn’t give up and fights till the end. And for that to happen you need a lot of practice and training. 

People may join it for fun or to channelize their energy into a spirited sport. Whatever the reason may be, it is a sport  that will challenge your body and require lots of endurance. First and foremost you need to be physically fit. Everyone has a different endurance level and you must take that into account when you are at the beginner’s level. Injuries are part of this sport but to avoid them you have to watch out and build your base. Fighters need to constantly develop their skills and keep themselves in form. 

Techniques of MMA


Striking or stand-up fighting essentially means attacking your opponent with various techniques on any part of the body. This can include punching, kicking or even elbow strikes. 


Grabbling involves mastery of technique. It is basically the art of using your body to gain control of the opponent and  have a physical advantage over him to take him down. It has more to do with having a dominant position of holding the opponent or pinning him in such a way that he is forced to give up and submit. Other than learning these techniques you must also learn how to escape from these locks and counter such attacks.


Submission techniques include joint locks and chokes. The technique is used to make the opponent helpless and if he does not manage to free himself then he has to submit. 

Stay Protected

As mentioned before this sport can cause injuries so it is best to keep yourself protected. There is a variety of protective gear available in different styles and at affordable prices. From headgear to shin guards, mouth guards, MMA gloves, MMA shorts and shirts, all kinds of MMA gear can be found for beginners, trainers as well as professionals. There are many options available at different price points. Not only do they help you perform at your best but also look quite good. You can buy these according to your personal choiceS and requirements. 

MMA Gloves

MMA Gloves come in various sizes. These can range from 8-18+ oz. The one you choose will depend on your requirement and game level. More padding in a glove helps absorb the extra power and will keep you protected. You can buy one that provides a good grip, is breathable and most importantly that protects your hands.

MMA Headgear

It is used to cover the face and head area. The padding in the helmet keeps the athlete safe from brutal blows. Headgear is not a compulsion but more of a personal choice. If you feel comfortable then you can purchase it. 

Hand Wraps

Some MMA athletes prefer to keep their hands protected with hand wraps. The fingers and wrist are weak as compared to other joints and the risk of injuring them is always there. It is advised to use quality hand wraps to prevent injuries.

Shin Guards

During sparring you can protect your shins and feet from external impact with these shin guards. They offer shock absorption and can help save you from serious injuries.