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All About the Tough Game

Mixed Martial Arts also known as MMA is a popular full contact combat sport that uses various techniques and skills from other combat sports. It includes jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing, grappling, judo, karate, taekwondo and more. MMA is usually played in a ring or a cage with crowds around the area to see the competitors take on one another. The aim of the game is to defeat your opponent by using different allowed techniques. Like any full contact combat sport it is a brutal one that can cause injuries so one needs to be prepared and use protective gear like gloves and guards. There is a clear weight category defined for all adult competitions. The competitors of MMA have to fall in the same weight category to make it a fair game. Normally, the match duration is five minutes and there are 3 rounds in total. MMA has a scoring system in place to decide the winner if a game is not decided by a knock-out or if the player doesn’t decide to submit. 

It’s Popularity

MMA can be traced back to ancient Greece. Over the years it has changed a lot as new rules and techniques have been introduced to make it more interesting as well as safe. It can be said that MMA gained real exposure in the 90s when the Ultimate Fighting Championship was initiated in the USA. It gained immediate attention of the masses, especially when it was promoted through TV. The sport saw many legendary champions who made countless fans and inspired them to take up the sport. Today MMA is considered the world's fastest growing sport that is played in different forms and styles all over the world.

The sport is becoming more popular because it is quite entertaining and also brings in good revenue. It is more like actual fighting that is played as a sport under set rules. For many fans the most addictive factor is that it is as real as it gets. There is a variation in terms of fighting skills as well and it can be quite entertaining for viewers. The game remains full of excitement as the players go through grueling sessions to beat one another amidst the cheering crowd. 

Training for MMA

Those training for MMA must cross train themselves with different techniques and skills to succeed. You need to train for endurance so a lot of strength training exercises and extreme regimes will be useful. The level of training depends on your end goal. Being a MMA fighter requires a lot more than being physically fit. 

Learn how to use punches, elbows, knees and how to hit hard. Along with force, you also need speed and accuracy to make an effective impact. Flexibility in the limbs is required for kicks. The basics for MMA training includes hitting techniques like elbow strikes, jabs, hooks, kicks, uppercuts and more. At later stages you can learn how to combine these when in action. Apart from all these attacking techniques, it is also crucial to learn to defend yourself from these. Learn how to counter strike. Physical training is all about endurance, practice and being strong.

One cannot underestimate the power of mental strength because without it you cannot handle this tough sport. When you are in the ring focus on the game, be prepared to be hit and know how to handle the blows. You need to be resilient with a never give-up attitude to keep going. Remember you will be pushed to your limits and this is where all your training will be tested.