About Us

Uniswift was established for a single purpose, to bring quality products to you at a price that the common man can afford. May it be professional athletes or your regular passionate teenager, we bring them the top quality products. We take pride in our knowledge of the sports industry which enables us to recognize the topnotch products and bring them straight to you. Our Founder Mr. Usman Farooq believes in research and innovation, building the company on solid principles like comfort, durability and safety for the customers. With more than 40 individuals we have a team of hardworking pupils that work day and night to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

The deeper the roots the stronger the tree

Our journey began from the parent company BinIkram Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Founded by Mr. Farooq Zakir. BinIkram’s experiences and achievements in the sports industry have greatly aided our rise as a sports trading company. Founded in 2004 the company became the primary technology provider for thermo-laminated soccer balls in Pakistan. Providing a complete line of machinery used in the production of the renowned Brazuca and TELSTAR 18 World Cup balls, BinIkram made a name for themselves in the industry. Also playing a part in the production of the Olympics, champion’s league, Euro Cup and various other famous soccer leagues, they became the leading service providers for sports machinery and materials. Binikram Industries has also played a valuable role in the carpet industry, artificial leather industry and needle punch fiber in the country. Currently partaking in Radiation Shielding projects at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust Hospital and Diagnostic Centers, they never cease to progress and amaze.

Expanding towards the IT and software industry, BinIkram has a separate entity that goes by the name Alchemative, the top ecommerce and software Solution providers in Pakistan. These initiatives and successes have given way to UNISWIFT and equipped us to excel in the world of trading. We aim to build an efficient distributary network that connects vendors, business buyers and customers so that trade can be made seamless and hassle-free.